Monday, May 17, 2010


I’ve never done the blog thing before and seldom read blogs other than those that show up in my daily briefs from The Huffington Post. And I should probably go ahead and give credit to the soon-to-be-obvious inspiration for this semi-regular missive – the movie Julie and Julia. While I’m actually fonder of my 75th anniversary edition Joy of Cooking than the Julia Child et al. cookbook whose development is chronicled within the movie, I thought it might be fun to share with others my experiences with random recipes that I’ve sought out in my anxiety to use up perishables before they perish. Descended as I am from a long line of Scots-Irish cheapskates, I can’t leave food on my plate (unless it’s that bad or I’m allergic to any of the ingredients; for the latter reason, don’t expect to find recipes here that use eggs, mayonnaise or salmon) or let perfectly good ingredients hang out in my fridge until they turn into science projects.

My hyper-awareness of the produce clock is partly due to the fact that every Thursday I receive about one grocery bag’s worth of fresh veggies from Pinckney’s Produce in Manning, SC as a member of their community-supported agriculture program. It’s a little more expensive than buying the typical weekly stash at the supermarket, but for locavores like myself, it’s well worth the extra cost. In a previous experience with a veggie co-op, I discovered my love of the challenge that comes with regularly (bi-weekly in this case) receiving culinary art supplies and finding ways to create with them in ways that were both enjoyable and healthful.

Said challenge is intensified every time Steve, my boyfriend and perpetual culinary guinea pig whose Buddha nature I will never come close to sharing, brings home surprises from the produce section so we can both derive that much more enjoyment from my love of cooking. I therefore find myself on a never-ending quest to use up everything on hand. Cook and/or freeze it before it turns into something else on its own. I recently purchased two pints of ricotta so that the next time we end up with a quorum of veggie lasagna-friendly veggies, I’ll be ready.

To the extent possible, I plan to reference the source of each and every recipe so that any readers of this humble blog can go there and try it out for themselves. For online recipes, I will copy/paste a direct link. For books and other printed materials, I’ll provide an MLA- or APA-style reference with the ISBN or ISSN. The only likely exceptions will be for recipes inspired by personal dining experiences in restaurants past and present, in which case I will give props to the venue and mention any notable differences between their version and mine.

Be warned – I’m a very freestyle cook and don’t usually follow the exact recipe that I found. Therefore, along with a reference to the inspiration, I’ll be doing my best to document whatever substitutions I’ve made for the sake of using stuff up. Hope you enjoy it and find it useful!

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