Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Chicken tetrazzini with tarragon and white wine

I meant to make this last week, when Steve brought home a rotisserie chicken from the Pig, but I didn't get to it before we went camping for the weekend and the chicken's unofficial "eat by" date came and went.  So, he bought another one tonight and I went to work.  It's this recipe (Martha Stewart has a better one than Giada De Laurentiis - go figure) with a few tweaks.  For one, I added half a chopped onion just because I had it in the fridge.  I also only made half the recipe using only the dark meat from the rotisserie chicken, and instead of the proportions of wine, broth and milk indicated here, I used one cup each of milk and white wine, in that order.  It just seemed like more trouble than it was worth to heat one cup of water for broth while I was already multi-tasking the rest.  While the sauce was reducing down, I added about two teaspoons of dried tarragon because I didn't feel like going out to the backyard to feed mosquitoes snip fresh thyme.  So, it's more Franco-Italian than Italian.

I liked it well enough and Steve liked it well enough, but I think next time I'll use more salt.  (For that I didn't check the recipe; I think I just went with about half a teaspoon, figuring the Parmesan would add some as well.)  I really like how tarragon adds an aromatic quality to dishes in which you don't normally expect that, but between that, the wine (and no broth) and the peas, I couldn't help thinking that more salt would have balanced the flavors. 

Whatever I make will most likely involve broccoli, tomatoes and/or zucchini, since they're the next things I need to rotate out of the fridge.  Until then...

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